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From day one, ILTexas Global has been committed to nurturing an environment where language learning thrives. We believe that language is not just a tool for communication but a gateway to understanding diverse cultures, fostering global connections, and ensuring a bright and secure future for the United States of America

One of the ways we have worked to achieve this goal is through the establishment of strategic partnerships with government entities and school districts, aimed at enhancing national security language learning across the United States. These collaborations have allowed us to expand our reach and ensure that children in the United States are learning national security languages. Our strategic partnerships extend to influential organizations such as the U.S. Department of Defense and the Chinese Ministry of Education. By joining forces with these entities, ILTexas Global has been able to contribute to the development of language programs that promote national security and global diplomacy. These initiatives are a testament to our commitment to fostering language proficiency in critical areas of need.

Through our partnership with the Chinese Ministry of Education, ILTexas Global acted as an intermediary between the Ministry and school districts. Per the terms of the contracts, ILTexas Global would provide participating school districts with $10,000 at the end of each year to spend as they wished. Districts would typically use these funds for cultural celebrations like Mid-Autumn Festival, Lunar New Year, and a Chinese Bridge Language Competition.

Committed to doing our part to ensure the strength of the United States of America, each partnership was viewed through a critical lens of national security and a contractual ability to determine how funds would be spent to best support classrooms. If at any point, these partnerships threatened the safety of national security, our students, or staff involved, they were amicably and mutually ended. 

See below for a complete history of our partnerships and transactions. 

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